SigmaKey Software v1.08.02 and SigmaKey Firmware v1.10 are out!


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SigmaKey Software v1.08.02 and SigmaKey Firmware v1.10 are out!

Added support for more than 40 new Android ZTE and Alcatel smartphones!

Direct unlock and code calculation by IMEI for ZTE Android

  1. Added DIRECT UNLOCK* / READ CODES / CODE CALCULATION BY IMEI (Old and New security) for the following ZTE Android smartphones based on Qualcomm CPU:
    • Blade
    • Base Lutea
    • Link
    • Libra / Kyivstar Spark
    • N61
    • Roamer/ Avail
    • Raise
    • Startext
    • Skate/ Orange Montecarlo
    • Staraddict
    • Smart Netphone 701
    • Smartfren Wide
    • SoftBank 003Z
    • TMN Smart A7 / ZTE V875
    • TMN Bluebelt / ZTE N61
    • TMN Bluebelt II
    • TMN Silverbelt / ZTE Raice
    • TMN Soft Stone / ZTE Link
    • Orange Montecarlo / ZTE Skate
    • Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade / P729B
    • Orange SanFrancisco 2 / ZTE Crescent
    • Racer
    • SFR 522
    • SFR 552
    • SFR Startrail
    • SFR Starnaute / ZTE Amigo
    • T-Mobile Zest
    • T-Mobile Vivacity
    • Telstra Smart Touch / ZTE T3020
    • TMN Sapo A5
    • Mercury / Huawei M886
    • Xiang / ZTE X850
    • 551
    • V880
    • V9
    • V9 Light
    • Z990

* Unlocking method depends on the version of Android OS. If Sigma software shows the message “Unsupported phone model”, during Direct Unlock/Read Codes operation, then unlock code can be calculated via IMEI number.

Different ZTE smartphones are based on various CPUs (OMAP etc.) but have the same encoding algorithm, so they can be unlocked with the Qualcomm Calculator:

Texas Instruments OMAP:

  • Vodafone 1230
  • Vodafone 1231
  • ZTE 811
  • ZTE E810
  1. Added DIRECT UNLOCK / READ CODES for the following Alcatel Android smartphones based on Qualcomm CPU:
    • OT-908
    • OT-908F
    • OT-909 One Touch MAX
    • OT-910
    • OT-980
    • OT-990
    • OT-A909
    • OT-A990
    • OT-C908
    • OT-C990
    • OT-V958
    • T-Mobile Move

Quick survey of our unlock options:

  • Extremely Fast direct unlock with regular USB cable. While others still looking for the required phone model in the list to unlock it, we’ve already unlocked it!
  • No user data (PhoneBook, SMS, phone settings etc.) will be lost after unlocking
  • The solution is flexible - it is not tied to some strict list of models
  • The solution doesn’t require any expensive activations
  • The solution is standalone and unlimited

Unlock instructions for Alcatel and ZTE smartphones are slightly different. Please read them in the section with manuals.

  1. The following MTK-based models were added to the list of supported:
    • iPhone 4 (copy)
    • Lenovo E156
    • Motorola WX308 / WX346
    • UTStarcom UT 1258 / UT 114 / UT 1261 / UT 129 / UT 198 / UT GTX212
    • ZTE X630
    • Other phone brands/models based on MTK CPU.

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