Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.10.05 is out!


Feel the full contact with the new MTK and Qcom smartphones!
The list of supported models has been extended with 40 new devices.

Android ADB Tab:

The following models have been added to the list of supported for servicing with Yoda method:

  • Alcatel OT-4031D (MT6572)
  • Azumi A50+ (MT6582)
  • Blade HN (MT6582)
  • Blu Life Play Mini L180A (MT6572)
  • Blu 5.0 D412u (MT65XX)
  • Blu Studio 6.0 Hd (MT6582)
  • Blu Dash C Music D390u (MT6572)
  • Go Mobile GO775 (MT6572)
  • Haier W717 (MT6572)
  • Hollogram Hl4050 (MT6572)
  • Öwn S3001D (MT6572)
  • NYX Mobile FLY II (MT6572)
  • ODYSSEE S330 (MT6572)
  • Polaroid PRO 405 (MT6572)
  • QMobile Noir X35 (MT6572)
  • Qcell Qs-10 (MT65XX)
  • TCT DL900 (MT6582)
  • Verykool S450 (MT6572)
  • Viettel V8411, V8507, V8511 (MT6572)
  • Vodafone Smart Tab 3G (MT8312)
  • ZTE LEO M1 V883M (MT6589)
  • ZTE V993W (MT6582)

MTK Tab:

  1. New MTK phones have been added to the list of supported:
    • Bmobile Qs820
    • Blu Samba Q106t
    • Blu T264t
    • Huawei G7062
    • Lenovo A332
    • SFR 153g
    • Utstarcom c1020ca
    • Viettel V8301, VT303A, V6217, v550
  2. Added six new Alcatel smartphones to MTK Calculator (unlock via IMEI and PID):
    • OT-4032E, OT-5036F, OT-5042T, OT-7042E, OT-8020, OT-9005
      More than 3400 new PIDs added for all supported MTK smartphones.
  3. Added 1 new Alcatel phone to MTK Calculator:
    • OT-1013 (+ 48 new PIDs added)

Qualcomm Tab:

  1. New firmware versions have been uploaded in the fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database:
    • Acer E310: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-6170
    • ZTE F160: VTR_CL_P622F2V1.0.0B09
    • ZTE Skate: GB_GER_MEDION_P743V1.0.0B08
    • Dialog K45: Dialog_K45_20130926_V1.5
  2. A lot of minor improvements for Qualcomm-based cell phones have been made.
  3. Smart-Clip2 root solution: the list of models supported with "Autodetect" feature has been updated.

Download Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.10.05