SmartMoto v.4.12


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We are pleased to introduce new version of SmartMoto v4.12.

With this update we present the following options:

  1. Support of the following Alcatel models locked with the other version of encoding algorithm:
    • OT-280
    • OT-B331
    • OT-C700
    • OT-S215
    • OT-S218
    • OT-S319
    • OT-S320
    • OT-S321
    • OT-S520
    • OT-S521
    • OT-V607
  2. Full support for the following Alcatel models:
    • OT-C701
    • OT-S319
    • OT-355
    • OT-565
  3. Improved "Phone MCU boost mode" and Restore IMEI options
  4. Fixed Hardware IMEI reading for the phones based on Chip AMD-UNIFORM ID [1227E-22302200]
  5. Resolved the issue "Internal error 0009" on MT6226 MCU for Alcatel phones