SmartMoto v.4.15


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Please let us introduce new version of SmartMoto v4.15

With this update we present exclusive and the most stable solution in the market:

  1. World's first fully safe direct unlock option for Motorola WX-series and MTK based Alcatel phone models. One-click solution – unlock process becomes much easier and faster. SmartMoto detects phone's hardware version and completes unlock process with the minimum user's intervention.
  2. World's first IMEI repair option for Motorola and Alcatel models with auto SP-lock*. No more automatically SP-locked phones.
  3. Support of Alcatel models based on MT6219 MCU
  4. Added Read backup option for the phones based on MT6235 MCU (Motorola EX112/115/128, Alcatel OT-800/802/808 etc.). This option is implemented for research purposes. In case you have the phone based on this MCU, please make a backup and send it to us by e-mail. We will investigate it and add these models to the list of supported in further updates.
  5. Researched MicroUSB pinout for Motorola and Alcatel MTK-based models

* "auto SP-lock" means that phone gets automatically locked back within few days after "IMEI repair" operation. With this release this issue is solved.