SmartMoto v.4.16


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Dear users,

Please let us introduce new version of SmartMoto v4.16

With this release we present the following options:

  1. Reading of the NCK, NSCK, SPCK, CCK, PCK codes, Format FFS for all available firmware versions of the following Alcatel models based on MT6235 MCU:
    • OT-800 / VM800
    • OT-802
    • OT-806D (dual-sim)
    • OT-807
    • OT-808
    • OT-880

    Procedure is simple and fast. No need Internet connection or server credits to calculate codes.

  2. Format FFS for following Motorola models:
    • EX112
    • EX115
    • EX128
  3. Support of Alcatel models based on MT6253 MCU (beta testing).
  4. "Phone MCU boost mode" option for OT-255 on Chip AMD-UNIFORM ID [1227E-22202200] is fixed.
  5. Note: Support of other Alcatel OT-8XX MTK-based phone models is added in beta test mode.

In case you have the Motorola or Alcatel handsets based on MT6235/MT6253 MCU, please make a backup using LATEST SmartMoto version (v4.16) and send it to us by e-mail along with the log file. We will investigate them and add these models to the list of supported in further updates.