SmartMoto v.4.19


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Dear users!
Please, let us introduce a new version of SmartMoto v4.19 and S-Card v3.09.
With this release we present the following options.

  1. Released Backup and Restore Flex procedures for the following EX-series models:
    • EX112
    • EX115
    • EX122
    • EX128
  2. Flex files (*.wxfx format) contain default media files (images, ringtones), java applications and some phone settings. Flex files can be restored only after unlock procedure. Backup and Restore Flex procedures are fast and simple.

  3. Added Direct Unlock for Motorola WX345 based on MT6253 CPU *.
  4. Released Direct Unlock, Flash, Restore Backup options for the following Alcatel models based on MT6253 CPU:
    • OT-606
    • OT-710
    • OT-710D *
  5. Fixed Hardware IMEI reading for Motorola WX345* based on Samsung-TOP ID [EC2404-0] chip.
  6. Improved Direct Unlock for phones with NAND flash memory.
  7. Added support of Numonyx StrataFlash® Cellular Memory (M18).

* Support for these models is added in beta test mode. We highly recommend creating backup of a phone before starting any procedure.