SmartMoto v4.08 and S-Card v3.05


Dear users,

Please let us introduce new version of SmartMoto v4.08 and S-Card v3.05

With this release we are glad to introduce following options:

  1. Fully safe flashing (mfw-files), restore backup options for the WX series phone models:
    • WX160
    • WX161
    • WX180
    • WX181
    • WX260
    • WX265
    • WX280
    • WX288
    • WX290
    • WX295
    • WX390
    • WX395

  2. Read codes, Format FFS, Flash (beta), restore backup options for specified below list of Alcatel and Vodafone handsets:
    • Alcatel OT-103
    • Alcatel OT-203
    • Alcatel OT-204
    • Alcatel OT-208
    • Alcatel OT-209
    • Alcatel OT-222
    • Alcatel OT-255
    • Alcatel OT-303
    • Alcatel OT-305A
    • Alcatel OT-383
    • Alcatel OT-383A
    • Alcatel OT-600
    • Alcatel OT-660
    • Vodafone 345

  3. Communication algorithm for MTK based phone models was improved

Flashing procedure is simple and similar to WX series backup instruction announced earlier.

NOTE: Backups, that were read from MTK based phone models with SmartMoto v4.07 or older has lower version and can not be restored with SmartMoto 4.08.

Boot-Loader v2.0 promotion: send us backup from MTK based phone model and receive free bonus access.