SmartMoto v4.08 and S-Card v3.05


Dear users,

Please let us introduce new version of SmartMoto v4.08 and S-Card v3.05

With this release we are glad to introduce following options:

  1. Fully safe flashing (mfw-files), restore backup options for the WX series phone models:
    • WX160
    • WX161
    • WX180
    • WX181
    • WX260
    • WX265
    • WX280
    • WX288
    • WX290
    • WX295
    • WX390
    • WX395

  2. Read codes, Format FFS, Flash (beta), restore backup options for specified below list of Alcatel and Vodafone handsets:
    • Alcatel OT-103
    • Alcatel OT-203
    • Alcatel OT-204
    • Alcatel OT-208
    • Alcatel OT-209
    • Alcatel OT-222
    • Alcatel OT-255
    • Alcatel OT-303
    • Alcatel OT-305A
    • Alcatel OT-383
    • Alcatel OT-383A
    • Alcatel OT-600
    • Alcatel OT-660
    • Vodafone 345

  3. Communication algorithm for MTK based phone models was improved

Flashing procedure is simple and similar to WX series backup instruction announced earlier.

Recommended versions of drivers for Prolific and FTDI virtual COM ports are here.

NOTE: Backups, that were read from MTK based phone models with SmartMoto v4.07 or older has lower version and can not be restored with SmartMoto 4.08.

Boot-Loader v2.0 promotion: send us backup from MTK based phone model and receive free bonus access. Details