SmartMoto v4.25


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New version of SmartMoto v4.25 is released:

1. Word's first and exclusive to Smart-Clip. Released Read Codes* option for the following Motorola EX-series models with MTK platform:

  • EX112
  • EX115
  • EX122
  • EX126
  • EX128
  • EX211
  • EX212
  • WX345

* Read all type of codes: NP, NSP, SP, CP, SIMP, NS-SP, SIM-C.

Warning! Due to some FW versions inconsistency the freshly unlocked phone can request the code again after being rebooted.

Users with WX345 that unlocked their phones via "direct unlock" option without saving backup and now have issues with network detect – please contact tech support for tests.

2. Added Read/Write flash and Format FFS options for the next two MTK-based models:

  • EX211
  • WX345

Warning! Please remember that backup must be saved before performing Format FFS and writing flash to the other phone. Otherwise, the handset may have difficulties with network detect. This issue happens due to some firmware versions inconsistency.

3. Improved "write backup" procedure for the NAND flash memory phones with 512 page size to the phone with page size 2048.

In other words, from now, the backup file saved from the handset with page size 512 can be flashed to the phone with page size 2048.