SmartMoto v4.27


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New version of SmartMoto v4.27 is released. It provides you with such new features:

  1. Direct unlock; Read Unlock Codes; Read User Code; Backup/Restore flash, flex and calibrations; Format FFS operations, for the following models:
    • Motorola* EX118 / EX119 / EX223 / WX292 - First in the world!
    • Avio A1000
    • Chat phone SN50
    • ZTE 120F
      * Pay attention! These phone models have problems with network detection after flash/format FFS operations. Due to this reason it is required to backup calibration settings before flash / format ffs operations and to restore them afterwards!
  2. MTK platform phone models based on MCU MT6236 are now supported
  3. Flash chip Toshiba TC58FYM7T8C [98009E:2] is now supported
  4. Important changes made into MTK tab of SmartMoto software. Those improvements were required to add support of the new phone models