Volcano Box v2.2.1.1 is released!


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Volcano Box v2.2.1.1 is released! In this update were fixed several issues and also improved server loading and communication speed.

New in Volcano Box v2.2.1.1:

  • Fixed "Server not found" error
  • Fixed "Invalid License Data" issue
  • Improved communication speed
  • Improved server loading

How to solve "Invalid License Data" issue:

  1. Click here to download this file

  2. Unpack downloaded file
  3. Double-click on the file (make sure to run it one or two times only)
  4. Then run Volcano Box Software
  5. After these steps the issue will be fixed

Please Note: in case your box showing "Box Not Found" error in v2.2.1.1 or in v2.2.1 and was working fine in previous v2.1.9, please post your serial number here and wait for the reply with solution.