Volcano Box v2.2.1 is released!


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Volcano Box v2.2.1 is released! Added Read/Write Flash, Flash IC for SPD 6820/8810 Android devices and many other new features.

New in Volcano Box v2.2.1:

  • Added Read Flash, Flash IC for SPD 6820/8810 Android
  • Added Write Flash for SPD 6820/8810 Android (Please Note: This function is in beta version and it is not recommended to perform write procedure on working phones)
  • Added Read/Write Flash, Find Password, Format for SPD 6531 Android (it is recommended to backup your data first, then load files to format)
  • Added new Write algorithm for MTK Android
  • Added new Repair IMEI algorithm for MTK Android
  • Fixed issues with IMEI lost after Factory Reset
  • Adjusted ADB Read Partition, Root and Format for SPD Android
  • Added Repair IMEI in Meta Mode for Nokia Lumia 625A (Repair IMEI procedure completes even when nothing displays on the phone)
  • Added Round 102 new Root Firmware
  • Added Round 123 new Format Firmware
  • No registration required

Please Note: It is suggested to read phone info before every step and always perform MTK Android Auto Format. Please also make sure that you have stable internet connection before you run the procedure for the first time.