zZ-Key StuFF & Calc v0.08b


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zZ-Team introduced the latest zZ-Key StuFF & Calc v0.08b software. This update provides easy and safe Code Calculation via IMEI, without any cables and patches. No server connection is required for the procedure.

The following models were added:

  • Gtran N120 (added world's first code calculation via IMEI).
  • Huawei G3501 (Except for South America).
  • Huawei G6622.
  • Huawei G7600.
  • Orange Esencial GS202.
  • TMN Easy 10.
  • TMN Easy 50.
  • TMN Script 23.
  • Virgin Media VM720.
  • ZTE Beeline A100.
  • ZTE GS212.
  • ZTE GS213.
  • ZTE R236.
  • ZTE R250.
  • ZTE R260.
  • ZTE-G R236M.
  • ZTE-G S511.
  • ZTE-G S512.

Please note: Dongle update is required.